Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Re-focus a little

I was at the gym tonight and realized that I don't exercise well when I can't focus and basketballs and lots of people around seem to make me lose my focus!  I must get back on track of every other day running.  I have been slacking due to weather and such.  I also must go during the AM.  I do so much better then.  The Rec Center is quiet and not so full.  I also got on a treadmill that decided that it only wanted to work for 15 mins!  >(  So luckily another had just freed up, because they were all full up until then, and I was able to finish there.  I did a variety of running/walking.  My hip was rather sore though so I was struggling and I could barely catch my breath.  Not sure why, but that's how it was.  I think tomorrow I will try to do a little more cardio and then kettle balls and abs.  I have been losing inches so that is awesome!  I have lost some weight this week so I am looking forward to weigh in tomorrow!  

I am getting back on track for tracking too.  Today I was good and ate as I planned.  I had my usual sandwich and baked chips for lunch.  I had 2 snacks, early one was much mint chocolate rice cakes (YUM!) and the other was string cheese in the afternoon.  Tonight I decided I wanted hot dogs, and I know some don't care for them, but every now and then I get a craving.  I stopped at the store and bought the 98% fat free ones.  Brought them home and checked the points...ONE point a piece!!!!  So I was able to have 3 of them WITH buns for 8 points!!!!  It was so perfect for tonight.  I also was finally at the right grocery store to pick up ground turkey (and luckily it was on sale!!!).  Now I will need to put together the lasagna cupcakes.  Not sure when because I am so busy this week, but it will happen :)

I am looking forward to being busy this weekend though.  I will be in town so I think I may try and go to the gym also!  That should help get me back on track.  In addition because I will be at the trade show all weekend I will not be eating too bad either.  I plan on taking my lunch and snacks.  My goal is to be prepared and if I have something off plan it won't be a complete disaster.

I am off to bed early because I was so tired all day.  Hoping I can get a lot done tomorrow.

~Chat Soon~

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