Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It was my day!

Today was amazing!  I really didn't want to get up this morning so I thought the run was going to be tough...however, it was AWESOME!!!  Yesterday I set my goal to be 22 mins.  I was thinking 2-11 min runs separated by a 3 min walk.  Well once I got on the treadmill I decided that I would go as long as I could.  After 3 mins of running I was a little unsure, but I just kept going.  I got to 11 mins and I still felt good so I kept running.  I was nearing 20 and was so happy with myself.  I decided that if I could make 22 I could make the 25...SO I DID!  I was so stoked that I ran 25 mins which was 2.0 miles for me!!!!!!  My heart rate was 172 when I stopped and I brought it down very quickly.  My breathing was never really an issue throughout the entire run!  Can't say I can hold a conversation while doing it, but I was not winded.  Today I accomplished something I have not done for 6 years.  Friday I will plan on doing the same thing as well as next week.  Week 7 on C25K is all 25 min runs so that is perfect for me!  I will have to go at least 38 mins to run a 5k based on my speed, but I may just have to run longer than the podcast tells me.  For some reason I cannot seem to get up more speed, but that will come with time.  I figure I will work on distance first and then I can interval into more speed!  :)

Today was weigh in and I thought maybe I would just hold steady this week, but I was wrong...I LOST again!  I lost another 1.8 lbs bringing my total now to 17.2 lbs lost!  I have hit a new low on my scale at home of 265!  I also lost 6% body fat since I last checked it!!!  I will keep up with my tracking and seems to be working for me :)

Last night after I blogged I decided to try on a few different items I found in my closet.  My favorite was my swimsuit I bought about 2 years ago and have barely worn.  It has always had issues of coming up high enough on the chest because of my belly being too big.  Well I put it on last night and while it didn't fit perfect it fit so much better than before!!!!!!  I could actually see myself wearing it this year :)  After all of that I wanted to try on my wedding dress because it stares at me every day, but I thought I would wait until today because I was tired last night and I hate losing sleep! lol  Well today came and I got home and tried it on!  Oh yeah I will so have to get my dress taken in before the wedding!!!  I couldn't believe how much better and looser it fit me.  Heck my boobs don't even fill it out anymore!  lol 
This is my wedding dress when
I picked it out in September.
Wedding dress in February.
Small changes, but very good ones!
I will also try to get a new pic of me in my black pants and purple shirt to have that to compare to as well!  It sure does help to see the changes :)

I am off to get some supper in my belly and do some planks a little later on!  Wishing everyone a great evening!

~Chat Soon~

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  1. You are doing such a great job!! You are such a beautiful and inspiring person!!!


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