Monday, February 14, 2011

Running baby

Today has been a decent day.  I started the day off with my usual C25K running program.  I have been stuck on Week 5 getting the 20 min run done for a week.  I said screw it today and moved on the week 6!  I chose to do Day 2 of it because it was 2-10 min runs separated by a 3 min walk.  I survived it all and was very proud of myself today!  That was the farthest I have run in 6 years!  Overall I figured I ran at least 1.67 miles, but may have been closer to 1.85 miles :)

I also have been taking measurements since January 16 of this year.  I check yesterday and I have lost over 8" all over my body!!!  2" alone on my waist.  I can totally see it too.  My belt use to fit on hole 2, now I can wear it on hole 4!!!!!  I am also consistently wearing my size 22 jeans as well :)  I still have a long ways to go, but seeing these small accomplishments only helps make me stay committed that much more!

I have done decent on food, however, I know I can always do better.  Today I had leftover pizza for lunch, but only had 2 slices.  For dinner I made lasagna.  I used spinach, artichokes and ground turkey.  I have not figured the points yet for it, but I only had one piece and thought it was delish!

That is all for tonight.  I am very happy reading my other friends blogs and to see them succeeding at their weight loss battles as well.  Keep up the great work friends.

~Chat Soon~

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