Saturday, February 5, 2011


I wan't able to write last night because I stayed out too late having some beers with neighbors and John!  I am starting to really network in town here and it is great :)  Last night I had 7 beers...I know they are lots of points (5 to be exact) but they are so worth it sometimes :)  Yesterday I hadn't ate too much so I was able to throw them on yesterdays points anyways!  I have been losing weight again for 2 days now...I think I have finally found a groove in exercise that is going to help me keep losing..and if I keep tracking it will help a lot :)

Today I will post both Thursdays and Fridays trackers.

The weather is crappy right now, but I am still hoping to do some cross country skiing.  My plan is to take tomorrow off as of right now so I can let my body heal some.  I am very sore right now, but I have been pushing it quite a bit this week :)

I don't know about you , but I LOVE LASAGNA!  I saw on yahoo news today an article about these, well similar ones, but I googled them and found my first recipe from Hungry Girl.  They are only 4 points per cupcake!!!!!  That is awesome I think.  I have been really craving lasagna too, but know not to make it because I ALWAYS eat too much :)  Check it out...I may decide to make these this weekend...probably not today though.

I thought about cooking something in the crock pot today...that way I don't really have to work hard at it, but not sure yet.

I feel that today will be a great day overall! I also hope that everyone else is having one too :)  Make the most of what you have!!!

~Chat Soon~


  1. Hi Emma, I just read over your journal and I really like the idea of using a blog to help hold yourself accountable to others. Just wanted to say keep up the great work! I might decided to do a blog too, just too see how it goes.

    Bobby B.

  2. Thanks so much Bobby! It really is an awesome way to get yourself out there. I like it because of the accountability and it's a way to release my thoughts! I hope you start one...I look forward to following it :) I have had at least 6 people I know that started one after I did :) Good luck!!!


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