Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I need sleep...

I have had a great day today, but right now I am SO tired!  I slept in an extra hour this morning because I knew the roads were slick and I didn't want to have to drive in the dark.  I got the gym and did my problems!  I did C25K W7D2.  Another 25 min run down!!!  This time is was actually easy :)  My heart rate topped out at 162 and came down very easily.  Also my breathing was really good the whole time.  I have one more 25 min run this week and then I have to up to 28 mins.  I have actually thought about upping to 30 because my pace is actually slower right now and I think I could do 5 more minutes.  What a great feeling that is!

Today I did quite well on my eating plan.  I even had beef stroganoff for dinner and calculated all the points using the recipe builder on the WW site.  I love this feature.  Makes figuring the points values so much easier.  I weighed the entire meal and then divided by serving.  I made SF/FF chocolate pudding for a dessert too :)  Sounded so yummy and let me tell you it is!

I am still not sure, but I am thinking I may know what I want to do as a reward to myself.  I think I want to get some new running shoes.  My others will be fine for everyday, but I think I can improve with new shoes to run in :)  I also my free massage to use and I am really looking forward to that when my bruising goes away :)  Another reward I would like would be a pedicure I think.  I will do this in the future though.  

I almost forgot...I went to my meeting today and weighed in.  I thought I was doing well and I was right.  I lost another 1.8 lbs.  That brings my total now to 19 lbs lost!  I have 9 more lbs to get to my first 10%.  Hard to believe it's that close :)

Tomorrow I am thinking about doing the pool again since I was so well rested today for my run.  It is quite peaceful in the water and it helps warm me up in all of this cold weather.  Actually I have to be able to get into the gym first though.  We are expecting some nasty weather for the next two days.  So we will see how that all pans out.  I'll keep you posted.

Off to get ready for tomorrow and getting to bed early :) 

~Chat Soon~


  1. 1.8 pounds!! Great job again! I right now can't imagine running for 25 minutes straight, so you are doing amazing with the running!
    Oh, and I had a hard time commenting back to you on my blog about what Ned does for a living. He's a tax accountant - busy time of year for him right now!
    Keep up the great work!!

  2. Thanks Tana! I understand what you mean about not being able to think about running that far...the 20 min run taunted me bad. But for some reason the 25 was easy and now I think I can do 30 easily too :) Ned is very busy right now! But he must enjoy it!

  3. Thanks for reading Phyllis!!!! Love knowing I have people following along!


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